Thursday, September 5, 2019

We're starting to have some cool mornings and some cool evenings.  Fall seems to be coming, but not before we go through hurricane season.  We have one churning on the coast right now, looks like it won't bring anything to us more than some wind.

It's been a rough few weeks for me personally, I'm not really looking forward to going into another fall and holiday season.  I'm not really sure why, but I do miss my Mom more the last month and have some dread about another set of milestones without her.  Could be because I recently learned her house was sold and a buddy sent me some photos of the folks cutting down some trees and starting to make it theirs.  It's what should happen, but it's bothered me more than I've realized I guess until I started writing this.

The election season seems to already be in full swing for 2020 and I can already sense it is going to be a brutal one. I've probably already written about it here, but it weighs on me and I dread it.

I've got a CAD camping trip coming up at the end of the month so I'm trying to muster up some excitement for that.  It will be good to get away and see some old friends outside of work or general routine. It's also one of my goals I set for the year so I will be glad to meet it.

As I look back on my goals for 2019 I'm somewhat on track

  • Continue 9Round - Definitely done that
  • Complete a 5k in under 35 minutes - Going to be a tough task best I've done is 37 minutes hoping cooler weather will help
  • Keep logging food and steps - Definitely done that
  • Set up my garage workshop - Made good progress on this, I have the dust collector and table saw wired in and the shop cleaned up a lot.  - Still need to get the guard for the table saw set up before I will call it a success, more clean up and organization would be nice but the power and guard for the saw would make this more of a success than I've had there in the last 7 years we've been in the house.
  • Take at least one CAD Camping Trip - Hoping to get this taken care of in a few weeks.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mudrun was a bust; ..recognition at work

Well our much anticipated Mud Run was kind of a bust.  It was crazy crowded the weather wasn't that great, but the worst thing is the course was no where near 5k.  We heard as we were leaving they were telling folks if you want 5k just run again.  Geez.  Anyway we had a pretty good time despite the obstacles not being that great and there being no real slide like the promo has been touting all year.  And the weather wasn't too hot so it's all good in the end and we got a medal.

A lady at work approached me about the Living Well Champion feature at work last year.  She wanted to do a follow up article for a newsletter, but it ended up being feature on our main company intranet.  That was pretty cool.

The response has been positive from folks at work.  Just gotta stay the course and hopefully the weight will start coming off again at some point.

Next committed update is 9/6

Monday, August 12, 2019

Summer is winding down

The heat is definitely not winding down but summer is for sure.  my son made the JV soccer team where he'll start as a freshman in the fall.  I'm very proud of  him.  They cut nearly 40 kids and only kept 36!

Their first game is next Monday.  Should be a hectic few months.  I've kept going to 9Round and trying to run some.  I was able to 3 miles in with a pace under 13 minutes for the first time in months.  I've read the summer heat hurts times, but I'm sure some of it has been the time I took off in the spring and early summer for a variety of reasons.

I'm still hoping to make my goal of completing a 5k in under 35 minutes before the end of the year.  I need to settle on a race in Oct.  Our next race is the Mud run coming up 8/24.

Next committed update 8/28

Thursday, July 25, 2019

KISS Method

I was recently added to a facebook group for folks looking to lose weight.  It's got a huge following and was started by a guy who lost a bunch of weight and is promoting disney land or world one as his motivating factor.

It's interesting to me to see all the posts about what works for this person or the other.  I gotta say though that I believe Tommy Tomlinson was right in his book.  I've seen variations of this meme a lot lately:

The only sure fire way to lose weight is to set a target calorie goal that is realistic, track your intake and keep it at the target or under.

Adding exercise helps with overall health but to lose weight it is all about what goes in.

My best advice to anyone looking to start a health journey is to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Set the calorie goal, track food and exercise 30 minutes a day.

It really is a lifestyle change and only you can decide if you want to start the journey.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Why Me Lord?

We went to the coast for the week of the 4th.  It was a good trip.  We didn't do very well fishing, maybe we can schedule a fall fishing trip, but we got a busy fall lined up already.

We did our 5k at the beach.  It was a slow run for us we were both about 5 min off our PR paces.  The boy did win for his age group though!  I was just thankful to finish, luckily it wasn't nearly as hot as I'd expected but it was still plenty warm.

We did our now annual swim accross Tubb's Inlet.  I couldn't keep up with the kids they are both in much better shape than me and much faster swimmers but we all did well.

We've decided to do another 5k this Friday.  It was pretty cheap and will give us a chance to maybe improve on our bad race times a couple weeks ago.

This is a tough stretch for me with my both my mom and grandfathers bday's being close together.  It's been easier this year than last but still a pretty tough week.

Last week Jared Lorenzen passed away.  He was 38 and lost his battle with obesity.  His story from from 2014 by Tommy Tomlinson helped me come to grips with not being alone as obese and active.  Also around that same time I saw articles about Jordan Gross dropping weight after retiring.  These stories planted a seed that I needed to do something.   Granted it took another year and half before I got serious about it, but it was validating to know that a) I wasn't alone and b) that if a NFL caliber big man could drop the weight I could do that as well.  Being big couldn't be any more a part of my identity that it was his right?  That was kind of freeing to think about looking back.  Ironically I'm still 'bigun' just not quite as big.  Tommy's piece on on Jared's death says more than I ever could.  I didn't know him but he was definitely part of my journey.  His death like John Candy and Chris Farley affected me more than it probably should have.  This time though I was able to say well at least I've done something to lessen my odds of meeting that fate.  It's very sobering to realize one significant illness can take you out even with millions in the bank and the best health care in the world available to you.  At the end of the day I don't know why I was able to make the turn around and others haven't.  It goes back to the old Johnny Cash song Why Me Lord?

I've put on a few pounds this summer with being out of routine and indulging too much in good food and ice cream.  I'm getting back on track this week though going back to 9Round and my walk/run routine.  I'm motivated to get on track and hopefully finish this year down rather than up.

Next committed update: 7/25

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The house that built me and Gold Cup Soccer

I've kept up running and steps mostly for the last couple weeks.  I missed a few June 6-23  at 9Round due to having a mole removed from my back.  The extra week was due to being out of town back home in Murphy for the kids to go to Folk School.  It was good to visit with family and friends.

Before we left last Saturday we took the drone out to my mom's house and the barn by grandfather built.

The House that built me!

This barn didn't have enclosed walls or the rolling doors when I was a kid.  I have so many memories from the barn.  We briefly met the man that now owns it.  He seemed nice and was pretty patient given we were definitely trespassing! 

This side was where we fed the cows the lean too and trough are long gone.  The manure here was always at least ankle deep back then.  

 Sunday afternoon we went to the Gold Cup games in Charlotte again.  Below is a picture of us from July 2016 at an ICC game and then this past weekend.  Amazing the difference in myself and my son.  He's basically grown at this point, maybe he's got a few more inches to grow over the next year.  Got a chance at the game to meet the founding CAD, which is cool because CAD has been a great outlet for me and our family over the years.

 He still likes his crazy hair!

We have a 5k race coming up this weekend, I'm not sure I'll make a PR or my under 35 min goal, but I hope to endure at 7:30 am sat race in the 80s!  Maybe it'll just be High 70s.  And I'm sure next week the kids will want to swim Tubbs Inlet at low tide!  Seems to be an annual thing now.

Next committed update 7/10

Friday, June 7, 2019

Quick Update

Not too much to update this week.  I am excited to that I've booked a CAD Camping trip in Sept.  It should be an awesome trip.  Hoping for good weather.

I went back and looked at my goals for the year, that was one of them.  The other was to get the garage shop in order.  I've gotten some of that done, but I'd definitely like to get more done.  I've done good with going to 9Round for the most part and I'm on track with running.  I'm going to miss a few weeks because I had another skin cancer cut out last week, but I'm planning to run more often to help mitigate that loss of activity.  Summer is always a hectic time.

We have our 18th wedding anniversary tomorrow, looks like we'll spend it at an outdoor swim meet with a 90% forecast for rain.  Lovely right?

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